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We request all our readers to read the terms and conditions of our website ( before using it. This Website is a news based website edited by its editor’s Zithendra Kumar. This agreement is legal binding for the terms and conditions of your use of our website By using these sites services, information, content in any manner you obey all our terms and conditions. You can also contribute content to our website. Below are the terms and conditions of our website.

We primarily use Google ad sense ads on our website. We do not use extensive ads on our website. Google AdSense is our main source of income. We do not ask any visitor to click on any ad of our website. It is there wish to help us by clicking on our website ads. We respect our visitor’s time and patience, so we do not put too many ads .So our visitors are free to make use of our website.

While you browse through our website, your browser may save small packets of information related to your visit to our website called cookies. You have the power to delete your own cookies from our desk.

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As we have already said we respect our reader’s privacy. So we do not track any kind of Internet Protocol Addresses commonly referred as IP address. We keep track on a number of visits room an IP, Page views, time/location but we do not reveal it to ant one else. We use it for analysis of the functioning of our website and its ranking.
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As we use Google ad sense on our website. It may use cookies to serve ads on Users can also visit Google Privacy policy to know the use of cookies by them.

A third part system like Google uses cookies in a safe manner to count the clicks on our website and use it for a better course .So; there is no need of tension that your cookies will be on a bad hand. If you don’t want to save cookies. Everyone can change their settings in their respective browsers.

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The content present tin this site are the rightful property of http://jnvstresult2019.comeditor’s editor’s Zithendra Kumar. We have the trademark over all our content and protected by international copyright. The laws, Patent are also the property of

All the terms and conditions may be terminated without any intimation. All laws, Content, limitations and liability of the website may be terminated at any moment. In case, your account or you may also be restricted from visiting our website if nay law is violated.

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Or website may have links to any other website or third party system or website. There may also be links linking to other websites owned by editor’s Zithendra Kumar.
We do not have any power, right over any other websites linked to our website. In case you face any problem, we hold no responsibility. You might visit any site at your own risk.

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All the laws and agreements of our website are made on basing the Indian laws and these laws can only be governed and constructed in Andhra Pradesh state only without having any effect to any principle of conflict of laws.
Changes to the Agreement . We have the right and responsibility to change our terms and conditions. We may update, modify, and replace any terms and conditions without any intimation to anyone. Your continuous visit to our website, will ensure that you accepted our terms and conditions.

Please, you must review our website terms and conditions periodically. If you do not obey any of our conditions, you may not be allowed to visit the site.